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Doctored – The Movie is a documentary from film maker Jeff Hays taking a hard look at the hijacking of our US healthcare system. It explores the Medical monopoly that exists and raises awareness to alternative cares and processes. This is a must see movie that will open your eyes to the “real world” around you!

Current Health News Topics Related to Chiropractic

Natural Health and Nutrition by Dr. Mercola

Great source of health articles, optimal wellness products, and free natural health newsletter of top medical news by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Cancer and Pain Management

Role of Chiropractic care in helping those dealing with mesothelioma

Comprehensive information site on mesothelioma diagnosis, treatment, coping, asbestos disease and financial assistance.  Chiropractic care is one emerging area in which patients with certain aggressive malignancies, including  mesothelioma, have introduced into formal and traditional treatment regimens.

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