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Meet Dr. Jason Funk

Finding the Perfect Career Choice

Dr. Jason hadn’t always wanted to be a chiropractor. In fact, he was pretty set on becoming an optometrist, dentist and electrical engineer at different times. But then, a guest speaker came to a class and it just so happened to be a chiropractor. Hearing the chiropractor speak about how he could help people anywhere, anytime, using just his hands, was enough for Dr. Jason.

He thought, “That’s what I want to do!” and decided the right path was to enroll at chiropractic school.

Dr. Jason Funk with patientEarning a Doctor of Chiropractic

While at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Jason learned all about this natural form of health care. Though he grew up as the son of a chiropractor, he never truly understood how a chiropractor helped people. Dr. Jason was educated on what to do to keep the human body in its healthiest, natural state.

Today, he uses this information to benefit his patients as well as his family members.

A Passion for Family

Dr. Jason and his wife Rosalie have five children: two daughters and three sons. They range from elementary to high school. Their activities keep the family busy and include soccer, field hockey, football and more.

Dr. Jason loves soccer and has been the coach of his kids’ soccer teams for about 10 years. He plays indoor soccer a couple of times a week. When he’s not there or in the office, he’s spending time with his family, scuba diving, snowboarding, playing paintball or working on projects around his house.

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