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Orthotics at Funk Chiropractic

Your feet are responsible for supporting your entire body. If you don’t make sure your feet are getting what they need, it can cause a cascade of problems in the ankles, knees, hips and back. You may even have recurring issues that you just can’t figure out and think they must be related to your spine, but the real problem can lie in your feet.

We recommend custom-made orthotics to anyone. But they’re particularly beneficial for our chiropractic patients. Orthotics mean a chiropractic adjustment can hold longer, and the body can work at a higher level in the long-term.

Customized Options With Foot Levelers

While Dr. Funk was attending Palmer College of Chiropractic, his father began using Foot Levelers custom-made orthotics. As a result, Dr. Funk was fitted for them. He has used them ever since with great satisfaction, which is why he offers them to his patients.

They can be worn in any shoes and made to suit any type of shoe. Dr. Funk even has a pair of Foot Levelers flip flops that he wears outside of work! You have customized options to suit your need and a warranty that ensures you get the product you need.

Our Advanced 3D Digital Scanning System

Getting custom-made orthotics is simpler than ever with our leading-edge scanning system. You’ll stand on an automated scanner that takes a 3D picture of your feet. Dr. Funk will show you the picture and what is identified as a potential issue.

You’ll get our recommendations and can see different samples of orthotics. We’ll walk you through picking out the one that’s right for your lifestyle and activities.

All costs for orthotics will be explained to you upfront. When you’re ready to order, we’ll go ahead. You may have insurance coverage for orthotics, which we’ll help you navigate. Some plans pay the entire cost. Others might cover half or a portion since every insurance is different.

What if I think my orthotics don't work well for me after I've ordered and tried them out?

If you have any complaints, please let us know immediately. You have a warranty with every pair of Foot Levelers. Take the orthotics into us and let us know what’s not working. We’ll handle everything with Foot Levelers from here, and we won’t stop until your orthotics are perfect for you.
Does the foot scan involve any radiation?

No. Since it’s not an X-ray, there is no radiation involved to have your feet scanned.
How can orthotics help me?

The goal of wearing an orthotic is to balance and support your feet. In doing so, it improves the support and balance of the spine, which in turn will relieve pain and promote your body’s overall biomechanics.
Which types of conditions can be improved by wearing orthotics?

Foot Levelers have been proven in research to improve conditions such as

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Low back pain
  • Ankle sprains/ankle instability

  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain

  • Foot pain
  • And more!

Are these orthotics really any better than the ones I can buy in a store?

That’s a great question! We see over-the-counter orthotics in tons of stores today. They look nice and feel comfortable when you squeeze that blue gel. But know that doesn’t make them right for you. When your health is in question, only custom-made will do. Foot Levelers orthotics have to pinpoint accuracy to protect YOUR feet, not anyone else’s, with materials that are selected to suit your needs.

You can feel confident that you’re getting the exact support you need with Foot Levelers.

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