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What to Expect

Your First Visit

During your first visit to Funk Chiropractic, you will be asked to complete a few records, if you haven’t done so prior to coming into our office. You will be asked to bring any insurance cards, claim information or other information for third party payors. We will be happy to assist you to complete our new patient records and verify insurance benefits.

After your records are complete you will be directed to the doctor. Your doctor will then take you to a private room where you can discuss your health related concerns. The doctor will ask a series of questions to get a complete understanding of your ‘story’ and how it is affecting you.

Next your doctor will let you know if he thinks Chiropractic can help you, if it can he will let you know a proceed to complete a thorough Neurological, Orthopedic and Physical Examination. If medically necessary an X-Ray examination may be performed. Your doctor will explain the results of the exam to you after it is completed.

The Doctor will give you his recommendation for care based on: your condition, the history of the injury and the findings of the exam. After which the doctor will answer any questions you may have about your condition. At this point the doctor will proceed to start treatment, with your consent. After treatment you will be guided to our receptionist to schedule any future appointments.

Second and Regular Visits

On your second and subsequent visits, you will be greeted at our front desk by our receptionist. She will guide you to one of our treatment rooms where the doctor will meet with you to discuss the results and/or changes with your condition. During these visits you will spend far less time as the doctor will be much more familiar with your condition and what is needed to help you get feeling better as fast as possible. You should plan on about 5-15 minutes for these visits.

Please contact our Yuba City office to schedule your appointment today!

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