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New Patients at
Funk Chiropractic

Funk Chiropractic isn’t like the cold, clinical medical offices you’ve likely been to before. Every member of our team wants to build a relationship with you, and that starts right away at your first interaction with us.

How to Prepare

Please bring your insurance card in with you. You can complete your new patient health forms in advance if you wish. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move around. If you’re wearing professional work attire, we have a gown you can use to cover over your clothing. Note that you will not disrobe for your chiropractic appointments. Your initial appointment will take 30-60 minutes.


Getting Started

We believe in getting to the cause of your problem. That means Dr. Funk will do his due diligence at your first visit. He goes through comprehensive testing and makes sure you understand what’s happening each step of the way. You’ll learn about his findings and receive treatment on the same day. Below, you can read more details of each step of that first visit.

You’ll be escorted to the examination room, where your vitals will be taken. Then, you’ll meet Dr. Funk to have a full consultation. We want to know all about what’s brought you here and the problems you’re experiencing. Tell us all about your goals, and Dr. Funk will give you an honest opinion as to whether chiropractic can help you. The majority of the time, it can!

Once we’ve determined you are a candidate for chiropractic, we’ll perform a thorough examination. This includes neurological, orthopedic and physical forms of testing. Having a comprehensive evaluation allows us to pinpoint the source of your problem.

After your exam, Dr. Funk will explain what he found and which areas of the body aren’t working as they should, causing you problems. Then, you’ll learn about the chiropractic adjustment.

If you feel ready to get started, you’ll get an adjustment and talk about Dr. Funk’s care recommendations. We typically start a patient on 2-6 weeks of care. After that, we reevaluate and adapt your care as needed.

You may receive a form of therapy before or after your adjustment, depending on your situation.

After your initial adjustment, Dr. Funk will explain you may feel sore in the next day or so. Keep your body active, and Dr. Funk will go over using ice or heat at home. He’ll discuss other factors like sleeping, sitting and anything else that might be contributing to your problem.

That concludes the process for your first visit. You’ll be escorted back to the front desk, where you can schedule other appointments as needed and pay any fees that aren’t covered by insurance. You’ll always know upfront how much your care will cost so there are never any surprises.

We are in-network with most companies, including Medicare. If you don’t have coverage, we have payment plans available. You can even purchase a prepay plan.

Regular Visits

Your follow-ups are quick, taking just 5-15 minutes. You always have an option to schedule a massage therapy session alongside your adjustment, which would add some more time.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to book your appointment!

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